The Hypnotic Holder™ Clear orange Resin Mini Holder, Miniature Holder, Painting Handle

$55.00 USD

A one of a kind hand made wood, resin or combination of both, turned on a lathe, miniature holder for painting your models. Comfortable in the hand and helps for long painting sessions, without fatiguing your hand. Tac included to help keep the model secure while painting. You can add a magnet or a washer if you use magnets for your miniature bases. The holder has unique swirls of resin and beautiful wood grain patterns for you to be mesmorized by while painting your miniatures. Comes with red felt bottom to protect your work space.

Compatible with Game Envy's Hobby Holder Base and Stability Bar - Check it out here:
You will receive the Hypnotic Holder with an insert already in place along with the screw to secure the base. The Hobby Holder base and stability handle shown in pictures are not included.

Approximate Dimensions:
Can hold up to a 35mm mini. Add more tac to hold larger based mini.

Height: 85-90mm (~3.5")
Base: - 40-45mm (~1.75")

Mini Holder pictured is the one you will receive. Miniature in photo is not included.

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