Knife Scales - Hybrid Dye Stabilized Maple Burl Alumilite Resin

$39.50 USD

The price listed is for the set of knife scales. They are dye Stabilized Maple Burl making a beautiful set of knife scales. The scales were cut in half to create book matched set. Each scale measures approximately 5 1/2" Long, 2" Wide and between 1/4" - 3/8" Thick.
I do sell some knife scales that may have small holes or bark inclusions as I like the natural look of it when on a knife. If you don't like it you can fill the holes with CA glue or dab of epoxy. These holes/inclusions usually do not have affect on final product.
If you do have issues please always reach out and let me remedy the situation.

Please reach out to me if the scales are not usable in an end product and I will immediately remedy the situation.

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